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C Electric

C Electric is a Electric Power Train ( Electric motor + Drive ) provider for 2 & 3 Wheeler Vehicles, Expertise on Electric vehicle motor controller, We are Engineers with over 15 years of Design & Development expertise on Renesas RL78,RX100,200,600 series, cypress & Atmel MCU

We develop and manufacture brushless motor powertrains for electric two and three wheelers.


Why C Electric?

The revolution from traditional fuel-based vehicles to Electric vehicles has been an exciting leap. With increasing innovation and environmental awareness, EVs have never been more exciting to drive. Silent ride, premium performance, low fuel and maintenance costs and the pride of helping control pollution are some of the feature which are boast worthy. Electric vehicles are the future of the automobile industry.

An electric vehicle is an automobile that uses an electric motor with Power drive (Power Train)as it's primary source of propulsion. Electric vehicles (EVs) use electrical energy which is stored in rechargeable batteries. An EV has lesser moving parts than a conventional fuel- based vehicle. Most of the maintenance costs associated with internal combustion engines are eliminated. The electricity that powers your EV can come from many sources, which include low-emission sources like natural gas and zero emission sources like wind, solar, hydro, and nuclear power, which enable EVs to dramatically reduce gaseous emissions. This can help in reducing air pollution to a great extent.

Made For Indian Geographical & Climate conditions

Designed With Automotive Grade Components

Hardware Scalability For Adapting Higher Power

High flexibility of customization for different motors

In House Developed Motor Control Algorithm

Better Thermal and Vibration Performance Using SMD MOSFETs & MCPCB

The EV Power Trains

The EV Power Trains developed by our team caters to the needs of Indian roads e rickshaws, e autos, e scooters and e cycles. It adheres to the Indian standards. It also has the following features:

Scalable drives which can support up to 20 KW

Input voltage ranging from 12V to 72V

Regenerative breaking

In house developed Control algorithms to improve vehicle efficiency.

Communication with CAN and UART for connected Vehicle

Automotive Grade Components

Our Team


Bavil Varghese

8 years entrepreneurship experience.

Experienced in Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Leadership, Business Strategy, Business Analysis, Team building, financial management and people management.


Ratheesh Nair

8 years entrepreneurship experience.

In depth knowledge in Control strategy of motors like Induction motor, PMSM, BLDC DC Motors and Stepper Motors. Sensored or Sensorless Field oriented controls of PMSM and IM, SPWM,SVPWM techniques,


Shilen Sagunan

Held different roles like an engineering scientist, software designer to the Chief Executive across diverse and innovative domains like aerospace engineering, engineering research, media research and information technology.

Founded a captive subsidiary of a international US based company, Arbitron, grew it to one of the high performing companies in India

Adviser - People function

Anish Aravind

Human Resource Management Professional with over 18 yrs. of experience across Manufacturing, FMCG, IT Product and ITES Industry segments.

Our Mission

We are going to accelerate EV ecosystem by providing more efficient and affordable Indian Designed and manufactured electrical Powertrains for 2 & 3 Wheeler Vehicles

Our Products

Motor Controller

  • 500W -1 KW Controller
  • 1kw-3 kw controller
  • 5 kw-10 kw controller
  • 10 kw -20 kw controller


  • E Rickshaw Power train
  • E Auto Power Train

Vehicle instrument cluster

  • 4.2 inch TFT cluster
  • 5 inch TFT cluster
  • 6.5 inch TFT cluster

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